NOI 220 bis


There are three people in our family. Let me introduce us:




Manuela: I call myself the “innkeeper”, from the name of a famous 18th Italian play, because I really enjoy taking care of my guests. I love painting and swimming. The sea and the countryside are my natural elements.



: my husband loves diving and sailing, and has a vocation as an architect. He followed another profession, but his real passion is restructuring houses, lovingly looking after every detail!




Metash: Our son arrived from Ethiopia in 2011. He plays football very well, and apart from loving all sports, he adores Cipressa, because it is a magical place where children can play together, carefree and oblivious to the passing of time!





Stefano, Metash and I desired this house and its restructuring with all our hearts. We have achieved our dream. Waking up in the morning and seeing the sea and the big lemon tree from the kitchen window is our idea of Paradise.