The secret of the flower Riviera is its microclimate which is extremely mild all year round. Ever since the Belle Epoque period it has been a popular tourist destination, as can be seen from the villas and parks with age-old trees. The flowers of the area are famous all over the world, and decorate the most prestigious cultural events of northern Europe, from the Nobel Prize Ceremony in Stockholm to the New Year’s Concert in Vienna.

The part of the coast that goes from Genoa to Cannes (Côte d’Azur) offers a unique blend of sporting and cultural events, cities of art and museums, casinos, flower and music festivals, the sea, beaches and old towns….all of which will make your holiday unforgettable. Everything you desire is here.

Cipressa e Lingueglietta   Tourism and events in Liguria
A - Cipressa e Lingueglietta   B - tourism and events in liguria

From light to classical music, from dialect theatre to cabaret, from live shows in the historic centre of Cipressa to traditional local festivals ...


If you want to find out what is happening in Liguria during your stay, we suggest you consult the following sites for updated information about events and shows.




Divertimenti - 1
Water park
A water park for all the family. Pools, slides and activities for everyone, from relaxing ones to high-energy ones, all for a memorable day out.





Sport - 1
Mini maps of outdoor activities (bicycles and excursions on foot)
Excursion, road and tourist maps, maps for trail-running, itineraries, trekking and mountain biking, teaching handouts available online to discover Liguria and not only ...
Sport - 2
The coastal cycle path
A cycle path of more than 20km along the Ligurian Riviera between Imperia and Bordighera, passing through Sanremo; you can ride or walk beside the sea. The stages, bike hire, where to eat.
Sport - 3
Sailing courses
Sailing courses for everyone from small children to adults; day courses to try out a unique sport in direct contact with nature. Wind and water in the wonderful setting of the flower Riviera.
Sport - 4
Scuba diving
The famous Secca di S. Stefano is a diving locality among the most interesting ones in Liguria: gorges, fissures and walls with abundant gorgonians, groupers, lobsters and dories, the relic of the FIAT BR20 bomber, recreational and technical dives!
Sport - 5
A strategic position just above sea level, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, a mild climate all year round; basic lessons for anyone who simply wants to try out a new sport ...
Sport - 6
Rafting, Canyoning, Canoe-rafting, Airboat, Hydrospeed, Water-rando Verdon (a night at Castellane is advised)
A canyon with Mediterranean colours, a river, the Verdon, with emerald hues. A myriad of water sports from rafting to canyoning, from Airboat to Hydrospeed…for a short but intense trip to France.
Sport - 7
Lessons in kite-surfing at every level, from beginners to advanced, in the setting of the west coast of Liguria. Look at the site to understand where the wind is blowing today ...





Musei marittimi - 1
Aquarium of Genoa
The biggest exhibition of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. Over 70 ecosystems to enjoy. An experience that will make you forget everything, a journey that will fill your heart with emotions and a greater respect for the sea ...
Musei marittimi - 2
Galata Sea Museum, Genoa
The history of the sea among galleys, steamships, and more than 6,000 original exhibits, and the submarine Nazario Sauro NS 518 which is anchored in the Old Port of Genoa; a unique experience, not only for children ...
Musei marittimi - 3
Oceanographic Museum, Montecarlo
A majestic jewel commissioned by a visionary Prince, today it is a key to the Monegasque identity. With more than 700,000 visitors every year, it is one of the main attractions of the Principality.





Manifestazioni - 1
International Song Festival of Sanremo
A song festival that needs no introduction. National and international artists take part in this festival held annually at the Ariston Theatre ...
Manifestazioni - 2
International Film Festival of Cannes
Perhaps the most important film festival after Hollywood. International film stars walk the famous red carpet of Cannes ...
Manifestazioni - 3
Regatta of vintage sailing yachts, Imperia
A parade of old sailing ships that is absolutely unique, the regatta lasts for five days with events, festivals, and the chance to see the boats on water and on land, in the port of Imperia. Boats and crews come from all over the world, with boats dating from the 19th century right up to our times.
Manifestazioni - 4
Lemon Festival, Mentone
A carnival that lasts for three weeks, with processions of floats, dances, music and lights. An exhibition of citrus fruits, the famous “Mentone lemon” with compositions that reach out to you, captivate you, surprise you; the streets of Mentone are transformed into a magical place of unimaginable splendor ...





Casino - 1
Casino of Sanremo
One of the oldest casinos, open since the beginning of the 20th century; it still conserves the fascination of the large gaming rooms frequented by European nobles during the Belle Epoque period. It is still possible to spend an amusing gala evening there ...
Casino - 2
Casino of Montecarlo
A surprising work of architecture (by the architect who designed the Opéra in Paris, Garnier). Even more surprising is the continual arrival of sports cars and limousines, driven by rich clients who come from all over the world and go to the Casino for the evening ...
Casino - 3
Casino of Mentone
Looking for a different way to spend the evening? Are you ready to defy Lady Luck? If the jackpots of Sanremo and Montecarlo are too high for you, you can always try the Casino of Mentone, less historical and imposing, but still amusing ...





Borghi Antichi Italia - 1
Old Villages of Italy
The west coast of Liguria hosts some of the most beautiful and famous old villages in Italy. Lingueglietta in the municipality of Cipressa, Triora (the village of the witches), Cervo, Laigueglia, Borgo Cerezzi, Noli, Finalborgo. Take a day out to enjoy the fascination of hidden Italy ...
Concerti e musica in borgo - 1
Concerts and music in villages
The International Chamber Music Festival of Cervo was founded by the great Hungarian violinist Sándor Végh in 1964. It is now one of the most important cultural summer festivals in the Region of Liguria, acclaimed at both national and international level ...
Teatro nei borghi - 1
Theatre in old villages
Behind the audience the breathtaking view of the Ligurian coast, in front of them the delightful natural backdrop of St Augustine's Church, above them the starry sky seen over the roofs of the ancient stone buildings. This is the splendid scenery that provides the setting to a unique theatre festival at Verezzi ...





Parchi e natura - 1
The Park was developed around the Marguareis Massif; made it famous for the variety in flora with a quarter of the vegetal species present in Italy. Varied and rich the presence of the fauna: chamois, eagles, deer, roe deer and fork cocks. The wolf has reappeared on these mountains since some years ...





Frantoi - 1
Some proposals from a range of selected products, local oil and typical wines, all made in Italy. A unique opportunity to discover for yourself the earth, the century-old plants, the agricultural production of various specialities, fully respecting ancient traditions ...